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Welcome to the website for the Rothes Church and Knockando Church in Moray. It is intended as a source of information for events in the Kirk and a means of promoting both Rothes Church and Knockando Church in the Presbytery of Moray.

We believe that: The Holy Bible is the best guide to living. It is the Word of God. We may know God’s presence within and around us through the gift of His Holy Spirit. When we believe in God and in His Son Jesus Christ we shall inherit eternal life.

He is Lord of our lives. The Love of God is freely given to all who will accept it and walk according to His ways. We long to share that love. We come from many different backgrounds in the Kirk. Each of us in our human frailty seeks to worship, trust, and serve God in Christ’s name as best we can. We care about God’s world. We care about you. We will keep a place for you in the Church.

Please contact us if you would like to speak to the Minister or one of our elders.

Vacant Charge
Following the retirement of the Rev Bob Anderson on the 14th February 2022, The Charge of Knockando, Elchies & Archiestown linked with Rothes Kirks is without a Minister. An Interim Moderator, Mrs Ann Bowie has been appointed for the duration of the vacancy. It is a pleasure to note the appointment of Rev Morris Smith as Locum Minister.

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From Interim Moderator

From Mrs. Ann Bowie, Interim Moderator

Dear Friends
As I sit down at my computer to write a message to you, I thought of the hectic lives many of us lead. This reminded me of an article I read many years ago. In our busy world, the phrase ‘l don’t have time to has become a universal complaint. Like a growing plant, any relationship can only thrive if it receives care. While a plant often needs a complicated solution to grow, most human relationships profit from a simple tonic called a ‘Tincture of Time’. A chatty phone call to an unhappy friend, or a visit to someone who lives alone, can mean a lot but costs very little. I am aware that over the past two years, due to the pandemic, visiting has been a bit more restricted, however even a little note is appreciated as it lets folk know you are thinking of them. I’d like to share this reading from a Christian Aid publication entitled ‘Take Time’.
Take time to sing a song for all the people who don’t belong
the woman wasted by defeat, the men condemned to walk the street
the down and out we’ll never meet.
Take time to hear the plea of every desperate refugee the millions who have had to flee their lands, their loves, their liberty
who turn in hope to you and me.
Take time to take a stand for peace and justice in every land where power causes deep unrest, come take the part of the oppressed and then says God you will be blessed.
It seems to get harder to find space in the rush of life to allocate the time and quiet moments to meditate, sometimes it seems too immense to take in all that God has done for us through his Son Jesus Christ. Lord, we move through our daily lives in the power of your name. Keep us observant to the needs of others around us, touch our hearts so that we, through acts of compassion, words of kindness and encouragement, may show you to others who sorely need you and your love.
A vacancy is always an unsettling time especially at this time of change within the Church of

Scotland, however both congregations are blessed to have the Rev Morris Smith as locum. Please uphold Morris in your prayers as he ministers to you week by week, also his wife Jan. May they feel welcomed into the church family at Knockando and Rothes. We do not know what the future holds but we can be assured of God’s unfailing love as we continue to serve and worship
I wish you all the fullness of God’s love and rich blessings this Easter time and always.
Your Interim Moderator
Ann Bowie

Rothes Kirk

Knockando Kirk

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