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The Reverend Bob Anderson retired on 14 February 2022 after nearly 22 years serving the parishes of Knockando, Elchies and Archiestown linked with Rothes.
At Knockando
We said our Goodbyes to Bob at a special Faith tea on a Saturday afternoon. It is co-incidental, but apt that our Minister should retire on the 14th February a date that is associated with love between people. The greatest accolade given by folks reminiscing on Bob’s time at Knockando and Rothes Kirks, was of his love of the community, his compassion towards people, and the

sense that he was their Minister, whether they were churchgoers or not.
It was a privilege then, that at Knockando Kirk the local community had an opportunity to say a personal farewell to Bob. Obviously a little emotional, but this only added to the feelings of love expressed.
We are very grateful for the enormous input Bob gave, his unquestionable dedication, inspired preaching and particularly his sensitive and caring service in times of bereavement or trouble.
At Rothes
We will be saying our Goodbyes at Rothes Church hall on Thursday 21 April at 6.30 p.m. where teas and coffees will be served.
We echo the same sentiments as Knockando. Bob always had time for everyone, no matter their age, no matter their beliefs. In times of need people knew they could approach Bob for advice or even just a listening ear.
We at Knockando and Rothes would wish Bob enjoyment, and peace in his retirement and hope for his attendance at Heavenly Pieces and the Monday coffee mornings to reacquaint us of his journey.


April 27
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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